Story: Our First Online Sale Was to an NFL Pro Bowler

People always ask me “what inspired you to create Fatheadz?”

My answer is always “Because I have a fat head and could never find any eyeglasses that would fit”- it’s that simple.

A much more interesting story is about how Fatheadz received its first online order.

As I recall it was sometime in ‘05 or ‘06 shortly after we had registered the company and had put together the product with a local factory. It was an online order from a person named “Tamerlane Kennedy Jr.” all the way out in Oakland, CA.

I thought to myself, “How in the world did this person even discover our product?” (At this point we hadn’t really done any real marketing of our product, especially anywhere near the west coast).

The order came in when we were at a trade-show in Las Vegas and I remember getting really excited thinking that this may have been a good sign that the business was about to start taking off (it was another 6 months until we got another order in).

We arrived home from Vegas and eagerly shipped out the first pair: It was a our standard ‘Regular XL’ model with our old branding and logo


I saw the guy’s phone number filled out in the receipt from the online store purchase and decided to give the guy a call so I could find out how he may have heard about us.

I asked “Is this Tamerlane Kennedy Jr.?” He affirmed that it was.

I said “Well this is Rico Elmore with Fatheadz Eyewear and we just wanted to let you know we are getting ready to ship your order. By the way, how did you find out about us?”

He replied “Yeah, I was actually searching for ‘Fat Head’, trying to find some of their products for a couple of my buddies that I played with”.

Apparently “Fat Head” is the name of the company that allows football fans to buy official NFL-licensed decor such as decals, custom cut outs, murals, canvas prints, and things like that.

Being a huge football fan myself, I enthusiastically responded, “oh, so you played in the NFL?”

He told me that he did and he had actually been playing for quite a few years, and I wondered to myself why I’d never heard of him.

When I told him that we had done stuff with a few Colts players before he told me that he had a couple of friends that played for them, specifically mentioning that Jeff Saturday and Tarik Glenn were “good buddies” of his.

I told him that I’d let them know he said “hello”!

He said to me “they would know me as Lincoln though.”

Whaaaaat!? Lincoln Kennedy? Several time pro-bowler and Super Bowl champ? 

And that’s what started it all. To this day Lincoln remains a good friend of mine and a loyal Fatheadz customer, as well as many other NFL an ex-NFL players.

😎 – Rico